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Welcome to the Design Center that has additional and/or different finishes for properties, in projects built by Ingeurbe.

Please note: This service is not available for all our projects and does not apply to VIS projects.

Find out the details of the Design Center to stay in touch. Schedule an appointment with the architect in charge of the project where you purchased. At this appointment the architect will explain how the Design Center works and the alternatives for architectural finishes.

Acceptance of the budget: If you agree with the budget, you must sign it and have a period of 10 days to send it to the architect in charge. Once approved, a “renovation report” is prepared, which specifies the tasks to be carried out, which will also bear your owner’s signature. If these documents are not delivered and approved on time, the Design Center assumes that the property has no modifications and will be delivered with the basic finishes according to the commercial offer.

Budget rejection: The architect defines a budget according to what was requested, and it will be sent to you by email. If you are not interested, you must fill out a form that we will give you, where you state that you are not interested in acquiring any additional finishes and that you prefer to receive the property as presentd in the commercial offer.

If you agree with the budget, you must sign it and THEN have a period of 10 days

There are two payment methods and in both you must make an advance payment of 10% of the value.

  1. Payment method 1: The remaining (90%) cost of renovations are to be included with the monthly installment payments of the property purchase. That is, after the advanced payment, the remaining 90% of the amount to be paid for the renovations is divided into the number of installments you have remaining to pay.
  2. Payment method 2: You can pay the advance of 10%, then the next 20% with the initial payment, and the remaining 70% with the mortgage loan. It is worth clarifying that the value of the renovations will be added to the total price of the property and will therefore enter into the deed. Important, if you want to withdraw from the purchase of the property, the value of the modifications will not be returned.

For each project, deadlines to make modifications are established according to the work schedule and therefore according to the delivery date.
Materials and specifications may vary according to the supplier’s stock at the time of purchase. These changes will never be of a lower specification than those indicated, they will always be similar or greater.

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